How to sound posh with David Attenborough (Voice Impression Tutorial)

5 mar 2020
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5 tips for learning the David Attenborough voice
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Charlie Hopkinson is a comedic impressionist, impersonator, voice guy, whatever you want to call it who specialises in voices from current television shows and films. His standup is a character act about a retired maths teacher, his standup set includes impressions of Sir David Attenborough, Robin Williams, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Peaky Blinders, Tommy and Arthur Shelby and Gandalf from Lord of the Rings.
Always looking to update my roster I look to try out subscriber suggested impressions in the impressions challenge series before honing the best ones. Recently I have added Peaky Blinders and Marvel / Avengers characters to my arsenal!
I currently run a number of series including:
Impression Reels - The very best impressions I can do, Including LOTR, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Peaky Blinders, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Cartoons .etc
Impression Challenges - Trying out new impressions in a less polished form.
Impression Dramatic song covers - Voices of Reason.
Low Budget Animation - Stickman sketch remakes of Iconic Tv shows and movies.
How to do Impressions - An audience lead tutorial series where I attempt to pass on my Impressions knowledge.
Dubs - Comedic dubs of iconic scenes with new dialogue, (My Peaky Blinders and Lord of The Rings dubs have grossed over 6 million views on Facebook)
Standup - Clips from Standup sets I have performed over the last year.
Comedy Sketches - Comedy Sketches
I started learning impressions in 2012, at the age of 20. You can follow my full impressions journey in my new ‘How to do impressions’ tutorial series
After graduating from the University of Warwick in the summer 2013 he took 4 months out to concentrate on SEworld videos full time, including producing his most viewed video to date ‘Morgan Freeman and 40 other impressions’ with just over 12 million views. This foray into being a ‘full time SEworldr’ was cut short as he went travelling for 3 months before starting a 2 year teaching Graduate scheme with Charity ‘Teach First’.
While teaching he has performed in and narrated the 4 episode series ‘Lookalikes’ as Morgan Freeman. The show and the narration received a positive reception. The show aired on Channel 4 during the prime time slot of Friday 10pm for three weeks. It is now currently available on Netflix. Charlie also performed with other well known impressionists for an unaired pilot.
Charlie has worked for several prominent brands in relation to their products, including google and formula 1.
Since the summer of 2016 Charlie has once again dived into the world of SEworld, for the first time producing content on a weekly basis. He is also focusing on live performance; he has performed in live venues a total of 3 times to date.
His top impressions include:
Morgan Freeman (Red -Shawshank redemption)
Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf - Lord of the Rings)
Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman - Breaking Bad)
Alan Rickman (Snape - Harry Potter)
Michael Caine (Alfred - Batman)
Jon Snow (Game of Thrones)
Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Carribean)
Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained, Inglorious bastards)
Alec Guiness (Ben Kenobi - Star Wars)
Agent Smith (The Matrix)
Sean Bean (Boromir - Lord of the Rings)
Richard Armitage (Thorin Oakenshield - The Hobbit)
Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister - Game of Thrones)
Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones)
Bryan Cranston (Walter White - Breaking Bad)
Frank Underwood (House of Cards)
Tommy Shelby (Peaky Blinders)
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    • An average one...

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  • I used to do Dolly Parton, four decades back. She had that whistle to her s-es, too, but it's much more pronounced than that of Attenborough's. The difficult thing was doing it without the slightest chance in facial expression. Everyone was doing Thatcher at the time. It took me years to provide her with the kind of text that really nailed her. Winnie the Pooh. Make it sound as if every character is trying to guilt-trip every other character.

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  • Yo Charlie! Thanks for this video man. I had the idea a couple months ago to make a fake nature documentary for my channel but I didn't know how to do the voice. I found this vid right away and I watched it so many times man. It was super helpful. I found myself using the starter phrases you provided as sort of an anchor and a standard when I could hear myself getting off course. I just finished the edit and posted it this morning, it ended up being 25 mins long so there was a lot to narrate. It could have been considerably harder to do it without this video as a guide, really appreciate you putting this out into the world.

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    • Thanks!

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    • Thanks! It’s certainly in the pipeline at some point!

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  • Hey Charlie, I'm an aspiring singer who decided to learn some impressions to improve my understanding of how the voice works. I gotta say, your stuff is really helpful. I've learned a lot watching you. Thank you for another awesome video. Also, I can think of ZERO examples of SEworld personalities that balance humor better than you do. Well done. Genuinely funny, without it taking over the video. Keep pushing, man. No limit to where your channel can go.

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    • Thanks Josh! Much appreciated

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    • Thanks so much! Comments like this make it worth it!

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  • What do you think of the new style and leave a comment on which other impressions you would like :)

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