Heckler destroys voice impressionist

28 sep 2019
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The important thing is I didn't get my comeuppance, and I never will...
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A rough list of impressions:
Liam Neeson - Taken
Morgan Freeman - Shawshank redemption
Sir David Attenborough - Blue Planet
Robin Williams - Dead Poets society
Tommy and Arthur Shelby - Peaky Blinders
Alfie Solomons
Snape - Harry Potter
Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, Ramsay Bolton - Game of Thrones GOT
Matthew McConaughey
Boris Johnson
Frank Underwood
Michael Caine - The Dark Knight
Bane - Dark Knight rises
Owen Wilson - Wow
Gandalf - LOTR
Arnold Shwarzenegger
Christoph Waltz - Django unchained
Robert De Niro
T'Challa - Black Panther
Agent Smith - The Matrix
Jesse Pinkman - Breaking Bad
Rough Transcript:
1 Snape well well well ok next one then Jon Snow Jon Snow aye I'm a bastard and this has been channel 4 news ty - rhian Lannister someone hasn't seen Game of Thrones or Tywin Lannister that's the next one! right Tyrion Lannister this team's not working t-t-tyrion Lannister for what it's worth I have been a cynic for as long as I can remember ok next one it's pretty much the same no it's not so Tywin Lannister? it's his dad Tywin Lannister *ding* now she gets there! now she get's it how long have we got left? two two minutes okay next one jesus christ Err Ramsay Bolton ok Ramsay Bolton who let the dogs out who who? me Ramsay Bolton that's who naied it McConaughey Matthew McConaughey alright alright alright err the leader of our new free world Boris Johnson oh you're just winging it now boris johnson *incoherent mumbling* thankyou ready Boris Johnson Frank Underwood Mashup now Claire I made the whitehouse without a single vote cast in my name niche you were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off Michael Caine Master Wayne the batmobile is in for it's M.O.T. Sir Bane huh? Bane *Incoherent mumbling* I love this guy Owen Wilson Woow one word impression each time good next one Gandalf huh Gandalf a wizard is never late frodo Baggins Arnold Shwarzenegger woweurgh we've got it now we're nailing it now is he here? grandad is he here? I have a very particular pair of slippers Christoph Waltz now Django we're going to go to CandyLand yes? mr De Niro Robert *Ding* thankyou the black panther black panther sister what is this? a vibranium vibrator err there's a few of these the guy from the matrix mr Anderson Jesse Pinkman yo for real like Mr White yeah bitch! you're loving this I f*****g love this err your best yet ok last one get ready sir david attenborough I will now demon- *ding*

  • The Tyrion/Tywin Lannister bit had me in stitches 😂😂😂😂

    TaraTaraÅr sedan
    • @memen Freeman welcome, and check out the how to series

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
    • I am interested in learning more about impressions so I subbed

      memen Freemanmemen FreemanÅr sedan
    • 😀

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
  • That’s brilliant man!

    carl mayne-wheelercarl mayne-wheeler2 månader sedan
  • three days ago, you were at 298k, then you were at 300k, and then yesterday you were at 303k and now you're at 310k subscribers.....damn

    Batman1234Batman12342 månader sedan
  • Challenge! I want to see f you can nail authentic South African accents, which are said to be the hardest to nail.

    Raqual van WykRaqual van Wyk8 månader sedan

    Théa FloreaniThéa Floreani8 månader sedan
  • I liked your show very good . Thank you hahahahhahaha. The heckler isn’t why I watched .

    Kim JKim J9 månader sedan
    • 😀

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie Hopkinson9 månader sedan
  • Lul, that girl on the bell was good, and you deserve a lot more subs Charlie, ya bloody great!

    Gavin ParkerGavin Parker9 månader sedan
    • Yeah she was, ya welcome! :)

      Gavin ParkerGavin Parker8 månader sedan
    • She was funny! And thanks!

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie Hopkinson9 månader sedan
  • That heckler was sabotaging Charlie’s performance by deliberately going against his instructions hence throwing Charlie off his impressionist routine, funny as it may have come across... however that volunteer was a first class douche😡

    Matthew SmithMatthew Smith9 månader sedan
  • Worst Assistant ever😂😂

    CarolCarol9 månader sedan
    • That heckler was sabotaging his performance by deliberately going against instructions hence throwing the impressionist off his routine, funny as it may have come across... however that volunteer was a first class douche😡

      Matthew SmithMatthew Smith9 månader sedan
    • Haha!

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie Hopkinson9 månader sedan
  • I can't tell whether you're trolling or not. It seemed to me like everything went PERFECTLY! Have more faith, my friend!

    Preston WilliamsPreston Williams9 månader sedan
  • Bro, you slayed. Good job

    Garrett LeesGarrett Lees9 månader sedan
  • *Liam Neeson voice* I don't know who you are, I don't know how this showed up in my feed...but I liked it.

    K ElleK Elle9 månader sedan
    • Excellent!

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie Hopkinson9 månader sedan
  • Oh man, that guy made it really funny.

    Julian BlakeJulian Blake9 månader sedan
  • I rarely comment on videos but I have to say your impersonations are on point my friend.

    Ian LarkinsIan Larkins9 månader sedan
    • Thanks very much!

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie Hopkinson9 månader sedan
  • 😂😂😂 Loved it 👏👏👏

    dramasetterzdramasetterz10 månader sedan
  • Wow. Jesse was amazing😉😀😀

    Connemara muscle WestcoastConnemara muscle Westcoast10 månader sedan
  • I don’t get why people dislike ?

    Tommy CRTommy CR11 månader sedan
    • They also don't know the difference between Tyrion and Tywin Lannister

      Bonnie ABonnie A8 månader sedan
  • Hahaha so awesome

    Tobie Allen IITobie Allen IIÅr sedan
  • Do Leonardo DiCaprio from Titanic!!! Do the dinner scene!

    Joey_GoyetteJoey_GoyetteÅr sedan
  • Phenomenal.

    Madaja FarmerMadaja FarmerÅr sedan
    • Thanks!

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
  • there isnt really that much people who can imitate morgan freeman as good as you!

    taistelija86taistelija86År sedan
    • Thanks!

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
  • 👍. Very funny indeed!

    Love.Love.År sedan
    • Cheers GHead!

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
  • Bane - u fuking wat m8 😂👍🏼

    [Will i am Xz][Will i am Xz]År sedan
    • 😀

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
  • Mate this is wrong you didn't do littlefinger act why I saw you in previous video

    Hamza MalikHamza MalikÅr sedan
    • Which one?

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
  • nailed it damnnnnn !!!

    Hamza MalikHamza MalikÅr sedan
  • Brilliant! The Arnie impression is stuck in my brain and I just can’t stop laughing.

    Chalky 4868Chalky 4868År sedan
    • Thanks chalkster!

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
  • So good..keep em coming !

    falconmiesterfalconmiesterÅr sedan
    • Will do!

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
  • Freaking hilarious! Loved peaky blinders one and game of thrones😂😂

    blueeyes5514blueeyes5514År sedan
    • Thanks!

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
  • That was hilarious, apparently your doing a video with scheiffer Bates, can you give conformation and perhaps a date.

    Aaron KilbyAaron KilbyÅr sedan
    • @Aaron Kilby it's called 'jon snow and tyrion caught shoplifting'

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
    • Where can I find it?

      Aaron KilbyAaron KilbyÅr sedan
    • Thanks, we’ve already done one but are potentially planning another

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
  • Great improvisations ,it works when it hasn't go along the planned

    ShantanuShantanuÅr sedan
    • Haha thanks!

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
  • This is my favourite performance of yours, excellent mash up of stand up and impressions.

    JEOKJEOKÅr sedan
    • Thanks Jeok!

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
  • U were a teacher at my old school MCA had u in a couple of maths lessons

    Jackson BroadheadJackson BroadheadÅr sedan
  • That was so much fun!

    SaroshSaroshÅr sedan
    • 😀

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
  • Man u r back 🤩🤩🤩.....

    Who Is UJ?Who Is UJ?År sedan
    • I’m back alright!

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
  • Do an abarama gold voice tutorial

    Noa QuinNoa QuinÅr sedan
  • More! !

    Frosty SkullFrosty SkullÅr sedan
    • Plenty more to come!

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
  • That was brilliant!!👍 Try Miachel Fassbender, James McAvoy and Ewan McGregor😁

    vero_7712vero_7712År sedan
  • Very funny. Looks like a good night

    mark datvoltamark datvoltaÅr sedan
    • Thanks! It was good fun!

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
  • Hi your videos are great ! Could you do a jack sparrow tutorial?

    Gideon de KruifGideon de KruifÅr sedan
    • Thanks! I should do

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
  • Fantastic! You do so many different ones,loving black panther and peaky blinders,x

    Jayne turnerJayne turnerÅr sedan
    • Thanks Jayne!

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
  • This was so funny, as a Star Wars fan I would like to see u do James Earl Jones , Ian Mcdiarmid and Ewan Mcgregor please

    Vrinder SinghVrinder SinghÅr sedan
    • I’ll have to do a Star Wars bit soon!

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
  • Well done yo

    Parsa TitanParsa TitanÅr sedan
    • 😀

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
  • I know you said the team wasn't working, but that's what made it even funnier :) btw I'm still waiting to see if you can attempt a John Mulaney impression :3

    arielarielÅr sedan
    • Haha, the people I chose really added something didn’t they!

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
  • Your so good man tf 😬😬😬😬

    Alicia ArayaAlicia ArayaÅr sedan
    • Thanks Alicia!

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
  • So funny and amazing your impressions are always fantastic 😃😃

    Freeman Family ProductionsFreeman Family ProductionsÅr sedan
    • No worries 😃

      Freeman Family ProductionsFreeman Family ProductionsÅr sedan
    • Thanks ffp!

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
  • Not very good your more comedian than a impressionist u left impression like a turd in a nappy. Copying actors coping a cast member ffs they r doing impressions of person and you coping???

    Kevin WhittakerKevin WhittakerÅr sedan
    • Read it before you post

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
  • Loved it man

    Adrian SilverAdrian SilverÅr sedan
    • Thanks Adrian!

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
  • The Black Panther impression was absolutely amazing and hilarious at the same time. I'd love to hear you doing the impression of Michael Fassbender as Aguilar from the Assassin's Creed movie saying the Brotherhood's vow.

    Jane WellerJane WellerÅr sedan
    • Thanks Jane!

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
  • You are creative, man🌹🌹🌹

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    • Thanks!

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
  • Never Work with children or animals...or people who haven't watched Game of Thrones! You were great :)

    mandy cmandy cÅr sedan
    • Haha!

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
  • you know what i need in life an hour long asmr video of tommy shelby’s sexy fucking voice

    F DF DÅr sedan
  • This is so funny could you do boris Johnson with all the mad stuff he doing maybe a video on all his mistakes he has been doing?? Just an idea lol love your stuff x

    jayney xxjayney xxÅr sedan
    • @Charlie Hopkinson looking forward to it xx

      jayney xxjayney xxÅr sedan
    • I think there will be a full Boris Johnson routine somewhere...

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
  • 😂😂👏👏

    Khateeja HassanAliKhateeja HassanAliÅr sedan
    • :)

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
  • god I love post notifications

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    • Yup!

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  • big fan of ur work😍😍

    Khateeja HassanAliKhateeja HassanAliÅr sedan
    • :)

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
  • Love uuuuuu

    Khateeja HassanAliKhateeja HassanAliÅr sedan
  • Which characters would you want to see more of?

    Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan
    • Alfie fuckin' Solomons yeah? Righ'

      FiveBucksFiveBucksÅr sedan
    • keith david and earl jones

    • Kevin Conroy batman? Please?

      Vipash BharadwajVipash BharadwajÅr sedan
    • I'd love to hear some past Doctor Whos. There are Some brilliant ones to choose from.

      mandy cmandy cÅr sedan
    • @Khateeja HassanAli good call!

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie HopkinsonÅr sedan