MASTER an Arthur Shelby voice impression in under 5 minutes!

23 jun 2019
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How to get started on an Arthur Shelby impression...
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How to do an amazing Arthur Shelby impression in easy steps, a tutorial for beginners. In this video I take you through the different steps I took to begin my Alfie Solomons impression. Waiting patiently for season 5...
Arthus Shelby is one of the easier ones to from the Peaky Blinders tv show. Easier that Cillian Murphy's tommy shelby and Tom Hardy's Alfie Solomons anyway. get your brummy accents out for this one!
Personally looking forward to Season 5, thought they are really making us wait for that release date. I may actually go back and watch the whole thing again. Good tune up ready for the series being dropped. Will Alfie Return, John in a flashback?
Anyone looking forward to Season 6? I quite enjoyed peaky blinders season 5, is peaky blinders season 5 on Netflix yet? If anyone knows of a season 6 trailer let me know! Has the cast started filming for season 6 yet? How will Tommy react to Oswald Mosley plan going tits up? bit of a blooper! Red right hand by nick cave, what a song! what a soundtrack! huzzah! maybe I should cover it, oh wait I already did!
As you guys know I’m a big fan of Peaky Blinders, the cast, haircuts, whiskey, hair, outfits, hats, you name it, I like it. Thats why I do all the peaky blinder cast impressions (even the women!, Ada and Polly!), birmingham accent and all (or not in some cases).
Will Tom Hardy come back as Alfie Solomons in the new season, season 6? no spoilers, and no fighting! I hope Aberama Gold is ok. He looked fine. Hopefully Finn and Michael grey disappear. The actors are fine, but the characters are so annoying! that would be some of the best moments of season 6 if that was the case.
Are the peaky blinders real? I watched a video on it and the answer was sort of. and tommy quotes and edits, Tommy shelby, the real deal! The smoking 100 cigarettes a day real deal! let’s hope he staves off death like a certain alfie solomons! He crosses the line that bloke! too often! c'ero vicino
c'est quoi.
Do you want some ASMR, most of their voices are pretty much ASMR. a série
Peaky Blinders won a bunch of awards recently, should I get some awards for my impressions impersonations and all round voices? Maybe if I dressed up they’d give me the awards, behind the scenes and all that with cillian murphy and Tom hardy! Or maybe I’ll just wait until season 6 of peaky blinders is on DVD.

  • ... ... SORRY JOHN

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  • Please do 1.Captain jack sparrow 2. Matthew McConaughey

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  • So damn son in law sounds EXACTLY like Arthur Shelby. We died laughing it was so loud & real ..during Christmas holiday. Nearly the whole time we were there he was hilarious!!!! Had a boyfriend that could do Inspector Cleusso of Pink Panther movies..hilarious!!!!

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  • Could you tell me. How you did this?

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  • He doesn’t say place the way you’re saying he does at all! I’m from Birmingham and you have got this completely wrong. Arthur sounds nothing like what you’re doing at all.

    Alex JordanAlex JordanMånad sedan
  • You’re going far far far too strong on Bleak and some other words. Far too strong. You haven’t got this perfect at all.

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  • I don't know if I laugh trying to make the impression voice or try being serious. xD

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  • My Major Campbell impressions

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  • Nobody: Arthur: Allright Tommy

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  • omg you're Arthur.100%sure your voise sounds the same

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  • This video was made by the order of Peaky Fooking Blinder!

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  • mate idk its just not a good impression, not sayin i can do it perfect but this is just exaggerated af lol

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  • i think Charlie Hopkinson is the voiceover man of arthur shelby

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  • I like Arthur's walk so so much

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    • @احمد التميمي Thats okay bro

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    • sunshine sunshine I am Arabic and my English is modest, I don't understand all your words

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    • @احمد التميمي that i know i mean his accent is different from all of them, does he speak birmingham accent?

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    • British accent

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