Peaky blinders but it’s stay at home

28 mar 2020
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Spread the message. You might understand it but not everyone seems to.
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If you're going to listen to anyone about quarantine, lockdown, covid and coronavirus, why not listen to Tommy Shelby of the Peaky Blinders.
Charlie Hopkinson is a comedic impressionist, impersonator, voice guy, whatever you want to call it who specialises in voices from current television shows and films. His standup is a character act about a retired maths teacher, his standup set includes impressions of Sir David Attenborough, Robin Williams, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Peaky Blinders, Tommy and Arthur Shelby and Gandalf from Lord of the Rings.
Always looking to update my roster I look to try out subscriber suggested impressions in the impressions challenge series before honing the best ones. Recently I have added Peaky Blinders and Marvel / Avengers characters to my arsenal!
I currently run a number of series including:
Impression Reels - The very best impressions I can do, Including LOTR, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Peaky Blinders, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Cartoons .etc
Impression Challenges - Trying out new impressions in a less polished form.
Impression Dramatic song covers - Voices of Reason.
Low Budget Animation - Stickman sketch remakes of Iconic Tv shows and movies.
How to do Impressions - An audience lead tutorial series where I attempt to pass on my Impressions knowledge.
Dubs - Comedic dubs of iconic scenes with new dialogue, (My Peaky Blinders and Lord of The Rings dubs have grossed over 6 million views on Facebook)
Standup - Clips from Standup sets I have performed over the last year.
Comedy Sketches - Comedy Sketches
I started learning impressions in 2012, at the age of 20. You can follow my full impressions journey in my new ‘How to do impressions’ tutorial series
After graduating from the University of Warwick in the summer 2013 he took 4 months out to concentrate on SEworld videos full time, including producing his most viewed video to date ‘Morgan Freeman and 40 other impressions’ with just over 12 million views. This foray into being a ‘full time SEworldr’ was cut short as he went travelling for 3 months before starting a 2 year teaching Graduate scheme with Charity ‘Teach First’.
While teaching he has performed in and narrated the 4 episode series ‘Lookalikes’ as Morgan Freeman. The show and the narration received a positive reception. The show aired on Channel 4 during the prime time slot of Friday 10pm for three weeks. It is now currently available on Netflix. Charlie also performed with other well known impressionists for an unaired pilot.
Charlie has worked for several prominent brands in relation to their products, including google and formula 1.
Since the summer of 2016 Charlie has once again dived into the world of SEworld, for the first time producing content on a weekly basis. He is also focusing on live performance; he has performed in live venues a total of 3 times to date.
His top impressions include:
Morgan Freeman (Red -Shawshank redemption)
Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf - Lord of the Rings)
Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman - Breaking Bad)
Alan Rickman (Snape - Harry Potter)
Michael Caine (Alfred - Batman)
Jon Snow (Game of Thrones)
Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Carribean)
Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained, Inglorious bastards)
Alec Guiness (Ben Kenobi - Star Wars)
Agent Smith (The Matrix)
Sean Bean (Boromir - Lord of the Rings)
Richard Armitage (Thorin Oakenshield - The Hobbit)
Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister - Game of Thrones)
Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones)
Bryan Cranston (Walter White - Breaking Bad)
Frank Underwood (House of Cards)
Tommy Shelby (Peaky Blinders)
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  • Tommy Shelby: No strolling. Some random fucker who thought the weather was nice today: "Take a little a walk to edge of town.."

    HebimaruHebimaru9 månader sedan
    • "No fucking strolling!"

      Murray JonesMurray JonesMånad sedan
    • damn such a nice comment

      Game PleyzGame PleyzMånad sedan
    • and he can be a very good mafia mob boss

      Ahmed Al balushiAhmed Al balushi7 månader sedan
  • From the italian channel FuoriSyinc: "Good you're all here. A few moments ago a new DPCM came out" "Yes but I promised my girl a pack in arrive for this night" "Awesome, but guess what asshole? no one, and I say no one will see a pair of panties for weeks. If no one fucks up we'll get out of this soon. People are dying out there without a funeral. And if you assholes dare to make a step out home I swear to God I change your lock, I pick you from an ear and I take you TO LOOK AT THE THERAPY HALLS-" "Sorry but-" "WHAT NOW?!" "And to the barber shop?" "No one has to look at your dickhead anyway" "No, no, no. Do it yourself, and stay at home. No spritzes, no girlies, no barbers. No fucking fake dogs, learn how to do Tiramisù. And you smartass, you got out to take the pink sauce" "Aw come on, it's a firts necessity good" "The real problem is you only mind your own business. Yeast is ended everywhere, and I can't make pizzas. Okay? Stay home. Stay home! Home. YOU! STAY! HOME! Perfect. ONE METER OF DISTANCE!"

    Momo KawashimaMomo KawashimaMånad sedan
  • I will tell on you to mom. That cracked me up

    E KE KMånad sedan
  • The waiter gets shoved to the floor and has glass jar thrown at him for just wanting to get himself some milk. XDDD

    Mood LlamasMood LlamasMånad sedan
  • tiger bread has always been my favourite but for the sake of tommy shelby i’ll stop stealing it from old people 😔

    Sakusa KiyoomiSakusa Kiyoomi2 månader sedan
  • Oh my god, this is better than the original scene....

    Jan BosikJan Bosik2 månader sedan
  • Cram yourself................ in your kitchen cupboard. 😂

    daniel howesdaniel howes2 månader sedan
  • hahahaahahahahahhaha

    Aisha SAisha S3 månader sedan
  • S5 E2 when Michael comes back home Arthur literally told Michael to quarantine like a dirty dog until they know he’s clean. HoW iS tHaT nOt iN tHiS pAroDy?!

    Wally So'otoWally So'oto3 månader sedan
  • Tommy Shelby for Next James Bond movie 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Japan VoraJapan Vora3 månader sedan
  • No naked jogs, whahahaa Picture arthur Lol

    Pp VkPp Vk4 månader sedan
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Dawn Freedom SeekerDawn Freedom Seeker4 månader sedan
  • If u try to sneak out I will tell on you on mom 🤣

    Vasile PetreaVasile Petrea5 månader sedan
  • "You Understand it Man, Aih?"

    Mohammadrameez ShaikhMohammadrameez Shaikh6 månader sedan
  • Roight

    Arjun SinhaArjun Sinha7 månader sedan
  • Genius lmao

    Rei AckermanRei Ackerman7 månader sedan
  • O.m.g 😂😂😂😂

    *Mohamed Mohsen**Mohamed Mohsen*7 månader sedan
  • Which episode ?

    Aflah shadhilAflah shadhil7 månader sedan
    • S3 e1

      Nomanul IslamNomanul Islam4 månader sedan
  • If everybody watches this, no more virus cases , and no more focking deaths. But those of you who have and can work, good luck, and be focking careful. No dangerous risks, no focking dangerous risks, got it? Good. By order of the Peaky Fookin Blinders.

    GoriFlexGoriFlex7 månader sedan
  • Wow I didn't think it was going to be this good

    Rehan RaiRehan Rai7 månader sedan
  • No fucking walking from Tommy Shelby my favourite bit😂😂

    Rudi FauguelRudi Fauguel7 månader sedan

    anggianggi7 månader sedan
  • especially like how close he gets to the men

    Mary DejnekaMary Dejneka8 månader sedan
  • I can't get enough of your peaky blinders impressions, your so fantastic at them 😂😂

    A day GillA day Gill8 månader sedan
  • Cringe

    Average AlienAverage Alien8 månader sedan
  • You are great man!!!!!!

    meysam moradimeysam moradi8 månader sedan
  • 😂😂😂😂

    00 700 78 månader sedan
  • A funny video on Thomas Shelby!💓

    Amal JosephAmal Joseph8 månader sedan
  • TIGER BREAD got me hard

    Wet ASPHALTWet ASPHALT8 månader sedan

    sonia nikosesonia nikose8 månader sedan
  • 0:20 *J O H N*

    Carson SmithCarson Smith8 månader sedan
  • 0:58 i like how Finn is smiling.

    Mihailo StojanovićMihailo Stojanović8 månader sedan
  • No stealing tiger bread from trollys? 😂

    DavidDavid8 månader sedan
  • Just order Powdered Milk anywaysss😭😭🍶

    Selena ChangSelena Chang8 månader sedan
  • First, I'm really impressed by your work and many of vids ! It's amazing ! As a french viewer, I was wondering if someone could help me : how do we explain the fact that Arthur, John and Tommy don't have the same accent ? They're brothers and grew up together. As a French viewer, Arthur's accent sounds a lot stronger that Tommy's, and John doesn't sound completely like them. I hope my question is clear : it's quite difficult to put into words what I notice about the accents in this show !

    LucieLucie9 månader sedan
    • @Lucie you're welcome and you too!

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie Hopkinson8 månader sedan
    • @Charlie Hopkinson : Thank you so much ! Take care during this quarantine :)

      LucieLucie8 månader sedan
    • @Lucie I don't think it's a conscious decision, i think sometimes it just slips and takes a while to embed

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie Hopkinson8 månader sedan
    • @Charlie Hopkinson Thanks for your reply ! I'm still a bit confused : I read that Cilian Murply trained to get his brummie accent. I don't understand why his brothers in the show don't have the exact same brummie accent. Is there an explanation ? Does it mean that Cilian Murphy does the brummie accent better that Paul Anderson for instance ? ( I find that very hard to believe considering the talent of the entire cast) Arthur sounds more "country side" that Tommy. Is that a decision from the director ? To define the characters by something else that their accent ?

      LucieLucie9 månader sedan
    • The actors are from all over!

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie Hopkinson9 månader sedan
  • Funny

    Caue YuriCaue Yuri9 månader sedan
  • Anyway It's not good to disobey Thomas Shelby

    Afsal MAfsal M9 månader sedan
  • Stay at home and NO FOOKING FIGHTING with your brothers

    Mascarilhas !!!!Mascarilhas !!!!9 månader sedan
  • That’s hilarious and smart

    Nikos MansolasNikos Mansolas9 månader sedan
    • Thanks!

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie Hopkinson9 månader sedan
  • Absolutely fookin brilliant..... The tell on mum bit had me in stitches!!! Good work my friend I'm definitely prescribing to your channel !

    IndigoIndigo9 månader sedan
  • Who else thinks Tommy Shelby should run for President?

    CrazymelvisCrazymelvis9 månader sedan
    • Yep, back in the 30’s...

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie Hopkinson9 månader sedan
  • Still in my kitchen cupboard..😊 by order. 🤚🏻 It's not too bad in here. Not long now hopefully. 🌛🌟🙈

    Nixie ~ ♡ ~Nixie ~ ♡ ~9 månader sedan
    • Haha!

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie Hopkinson9 månader sedan
  • I hate this fooking quarantine I can't even go to the fooking pub

    Arthur ShelbyArthur Shelby9 månader sedan
  • No stealing tiger bread out of old people out of there fucking trollies lmfao😂😂😂

    Luke BumbyLuke Bumby9 månader sedan
  • Stunning💕🤣🤣💕👍🏼

    Nancy LiebenbergNancy Liebenberg9 månader sedan
  • the best part was I will tell on you

    supreme fandomsupreme fandom9 månader sedan
  • No, please: not mum.

    Valentina BassoValentina Basso9 månader sedan
    • 😛

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie Hopkinson9 månader sedan
  • Nice attempt 😂

    TheLionWantstoRoar!TheLionWantstoRoar!9 månader sedan
  • Not Great tbh

    laeronymlaeronym9 månader sedan
  • *This is absolutely f***ing genius. If any f***ers wanna go out then Thommy will kill ya'all.*

    Roy RoyRoy Roy9 månader sedan
  • Amazing job!

    Juan CantosJuan Cantos9 månader sedan
  • Stay at home by the order of Peaky foking Blinders

    Fakta MerapuFakta Merapu9 månader sedan
  • Greaaaat

    Ilyos OlimovIlyos Olimov9 månader sedan
  • 😂😂😂

    Abhilash _27Abhilash _279 månader sedan
  • Haha! This is brilliant! 'just off out for milk' say every Swede... No lockdown here... 😱

    EDITSEDITS9 månader sedan
  • Your vois not like hes

    Crazy Play StationCrazy Play Station9 månader sedan
  • I played this during my online lecture

    Nishant MahadikNishant Mahadik9 månader sedan

    Joshua SuvarnaJoshua Suvarna9 månader sedan
  • Tommy: And if any of you try anything i will tell on you to mum

    The Lethal SeagullThe Lethal Seagull9 månader sedan
  • So sad Greece died after this episode.

    Shaheer WafiShaheer Wafi9 månader sedan
  • Lol

    Rohit GodaniRohit Godani9 månader sedan
  • These should be shown regularly on main stream telly. Brilliant. Bx

    Bixxy NashBixxy Nash9 månader sedan
  • Better to put a moment when he shouted to civilians "everybody stay out, stay home, by order of the peaky blinders

    Жан КасымовЖан Касымов9 månader sedan
  • Genius!!! 😂

    Louise HawthorneLouise Hawthorne9 månader sedan
  • "You try anything t-!" "Tom" "What!" "What about walks in the park?" No...No....No....No walks.......No walks XD that part killed me

    JXVIJXVI9 månader sedan

    Alex GAlex G9 månader sedan
  • Veeery gooood! 🖤

    Wiseman askedmewhyWiseman askedmewhy9 månader sedan
  • Genius !!!!

    schellentinschellentin9 månader sedan
  • I reported it as spam...keep your hands off the serie, stupid piece of shit!

    Maria DeMaria De9 månader sedan
    • Wth

      ElLocoAl512ElLocoAl5129 månader sedan
  • 667

    RiousRious9 månader sedan
  • “No stealing Tiger Bread” oh that killed me

    Christopher RichardsChristopher Richards9 månader sedan
    • 😀

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie Hopkinson9 månader sedan
  • Cram yourself in your kitchen cupboard 😂

    Jordan CJordan C9 månader sedan
  • Sheit, I actually need milk too.

    H7PπOT1ZËDH7PπOT1ZËD9 månader sedan
  • Warms my heart ❤

    Sandy KnowlesSandy Knowles9 månader sedan
  • I loved this lmfaooo i cant wait for October!! 💌

    Sandy KnowlesSandy Knowles9 månader sedan
  • Saying "no naked jogs" to arthur is the funniest thing ive heard in years

    Botanist DiurnBotanist Diurn9 månader sedan
    • Yeah picture arthur lol

      Pp VkPp Vk4 månader sedan
    • While he’s chomping on a carrot

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie Hopkinson9 månader sedan
  • That’s so cool u should do more of these

    XlandersXlanders9 månader sedan
    • Working on a extended one as we speak!

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie Hopkinson9 månader sedan
  • This can’t be much better

    M RM R9 månader sedan
  • That was actually a good impression ngl .

    LilYaznnLilYaznn9 månader sedan
  • This is great man! Flipping perfect!

    Antonie GriffithAntonie Griffith9 månader sedan
  • Thanks Me Mate 👍

    G MoneyG Money9 månader sedan
  • Tom have no mom

    suveer dhyanandsuveer dhyanand9 månader sedan
  • Peaky Blinders is the Best , it needs to exist as many seasons as The Walking Dead !

    Mike SmithMike Smith9 månader sedan
  • I appreciate your work Charlie,this is really, really amazing.❤️ Also seems like a message to the world by Tommy Shelby. Peaky Blinders fans must watch these fucking damn good transformation.keep it up Charlie.

    Ganga GangaGanga Ganga9 månader sedan
  • It's funny because the incredibly deadly Spanish flu happened right around Tommy's time

    Garrett , a fancy trouserGarrett , a fancy trouser9 månader sedan
    • That would have been between the first and second series

      thegammonatorthegammonator9 månader sedan
  • you fucking earned my subscription and them up brah....

    KhaledKhaled9 månader sedan
    • Welcome! Make yourself at home

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie Hopkinson9 månader sedan
  • "Those bastards", holy fuck man I got goosebumps that was so perfect!

    KojakKojak9 månader sedan
  • Oh man your voice impression is so gooddddd

    MayongCheeze JMayongCheeze J9 månader sedan
    • Thanks!

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie Hopkinson9 månader sedan
  • 🤣😂😂😂 didn’t thought about it

    tashi sherpatashi sherpa9 månader sedan
  • Which episode is that again? I would love to rewatch it

    rkrk9 månader sedan
    • Season 3, not sure the episode

      Charlie HopkinsonCharlie Hopkinson9 månader sedan
  • You made my day brother

    Raamit VaashishtRaamit Vaashisht9 månader sedan

    Lilly FaheyLilly Fahey9 månader sedan
  • that was so good im fucking crying 😂

    MandyMandy9 månader sedan
  • Oy, distance the social away from each other, ye muckers!

    Shijoe JosephShijoe Joseph9 månader sedan
  • by the order of peaky fucking blinders

    Qasim Raza 39Qasim Raza 399 månader sedan
  • I fucking love this! 😍😂

    Dari Lietas blogsDari Lietas blogs9 månader sedan
  • Awesome

    vidit pandyavidit pandya9 månader sedan
  • Perfection! Cillian Murphy will appreciate this if he sees it.

    RakeshRakesh9 månader sedan
  • 😵 That was unbelievable! Made my day~ ugh can’t describe accurately these feelings haha but it was fantastic!

    E LE L9 månader sedan
  • In your kitchen Cupboard😂😂😂

    Budak Darjah 5Budak Darjah 59 månader sedan