7 unbelievable PEAKY BLINDERS voice impressions Pt 2

7 jun 2019
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Peaky Blinders season 5 is coming! and to celebrate my last Peaky Blinders impressions reel doing so well here is another updated one! Starring Tommy Shelby, John Shelby, Aberama Gold, Alfie Solomons, Polly Grey, Arthur Shelby, Michael Grey, Luca Changretta, Billy Kimber and inspector Campbell.
Charlie Hopkinson is a comedic impressionist, impersonator, voice guy, whatever you want to call it who specialises in voices from current television shows and films. His standup is a character act about a retired maths teacher, his standup set includes impressions of Sir David Attenborough, Robin Williams, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Peaky Blinders, Tommy and Arthur Shelby and Gandalf from Lord of the Rings.
Tommy Shelby: In the bleak midwinter, the frosty winds made moan, earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone
John Shelby: Not Michael no
Tommy: Not Michael
John Shelby: You saw him before us
Tommy: What?
John Shelby: You saw michael before us
Tommy Shelby: Because michael deals with legitimate business
John Shelby: Oh I get it, we’re like toy soldiers, step by step, heart to heart, left right left
we all fall down, like toy fucking soldiers, I know you miss the travelling, You laughing at my brother
Tommy Shelby: which one am I talking to? which one you is the boss
Billy Kimber: and I’m the fucking boss ok, right end of parley, you fixed the race, without my permission, you fucking gypsy scum, I’m billy kimber, I run the races
Aberama Gold: Mr Shelby, I have a proposition for you, my boy bonnie, fight for you, in a trial by combat
Tommy: A trial by what?
Aberama Gold: A trial by combat against a knight of the vale, and all I ask in return is that you crash this plane
Alfie Solomons: With no survivors? the fire rises mate, tommy right, imagine, right that you could not see at all, then one day you open your eyes and you could see everything
Tommy Shelby: Yeah it’s called sleeping Alfie
Luca Changretta: And now you should know that during the trouble you had earlier on your factory floor, I sent an accomplice into your office, in overalls, he found your gun and unloaded it, none of you will survive, you’re level of security is pitiful, and we are an organisation of a different dimension, That Polly grey, She loves to dance, so what do you say, you wanna dance?
Polly Gray: I don’t dance anymore, Tommy, Arthur is a problem
Tommy Shelby: Polly, What kind of a problem
Polly Gray: He’s been suspended from school, Tommy
Arthur Shelby: (After Polly) It wasn’t my fault, It wasn't my fault Tommy, the other kid started it, an older boy told me to do it Tommy, Tommy, we going to villa park, I heard they resigned Dion Dublin)
Tommy Shelby: What? he was shit
Tommy Shelby: You knew I was going to get killed and you didn’t tell me…
Michael Gray: I chose my mum, tell tommy to get a gun small enough to fit in a bedpan
Tommy Shelby: Right, cos Im an MP now, I’m going to make you a deal, but it’s going to mean a hard border
Inspector Campbell: You mean the northern irish backstop mr shelby, that would make things very very difficult indeed, you are truly are destined for the gallows.

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    • If you pull that trigger, right, you pull that trigger for a fucking honorable reason. Like an honorable man, not like some fucking civilian that does not understand the wicked way of our world, mate.

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    • Thanks!

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