MASTER Peaky Blinders voice impressions in under 7 minutes!

30 mar 2020
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Tips for learning voices of Tommy and the gang...
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Learn 7 tips for Peaky Blinders voice impressions. Featuring Inspector campbell, Arthur Shelby, John Shelby, Aberama Gold, Alfie Solomons, Luca Changretta and Tommy Shelby.
Anyone looking forward to Season 6? I quite enjoyed peaky blinders season 5, is peaky blinders season 5 on Netflix yet? If anyone knows of a season 6 trailer let me know! Has the cast started filming for season 6 yet? How will Tommy react to Oswald Mosley plan going tits up? bit of a blooper! Red right hand by nick cave, what a song! what a soundtrack! huzzah! maybe I should cover it, oh wait I already did!
As you guys know I’m a big fan of Peaky Blinders, the cast, haircuts, whiskey, hair, outfits, hats, you name it, I like it. Thats why I do all the peaky blinder cast impressions (even the women!, Ada and Polly!), birmingham accent and all (or not in some cases).
Will Tom Hardy come back as Alfie Solomons in the new season, season 6? no spoilers, and no fighting! I hope Aberama Gold is ok. He looked fine. Hopefully Finn and Michael grey disappear. The actors are fine, but the characters are so annoying! that would be some of the best moments of season 6 if that was the case.
Are the peaky blinders real? I watched a video on it and the answer was sort of. Also tommy quotes and edits, Tommy shelby, the real deal! The smoking 100 cigarettes a day real deal! let’s hope he staves off death like a certain alfie solomons! He crosses the line that bloke! too often! c'ero vicino
c'est quoi.
Do you want some ASMR, most of their voices are pretty much ASMR. a série
Peaky Blinders won a bunch of awards recently, should I get some awards for my impressions impersonations and all round voices? Maybe if I dressed up they’d give me the awards, behind the scenes and all that with cillian murphy and Tom hardy! Or maybe I’ll just wait until season 6 of peaky blinders is on DVD.
Rough transcript:
Now then I am Charlie Hopkinson and I'm going to give you the 7 best tips, one for each character and soon you'll be nailing all the Peaky Blinder Impressions.
(2.Arfa's Shelby) Arfas voice is unhinged, He's got the loosest body language, so you want to practice doing the Arthur Walk, (Berlin clip) swinging those arms, and loosening up the neck. Once you can immediately adopt this body language your Arthur impression will be fire emoji or something.
(Aberama Gold) I assume you can do a little finger impression, just do that. No, really, you want to take a southern irish accent, and imagine as you're doing it focus what it's like to be in love with sansa, no but seriously, I want you to focus on the mouth shape. Imagine your mouth is an instrument, it's like hole end, the end with the hole in it, the shape of it, alters the sound that comes out. My Tip for Aberama gold is keep your lips pursed into a slightly lopsided smile, and deliver it halfway between regular talking and a whisper. and then Imagine yourself climbing a ladder, a chaos ladder.
(John Shelby) Probably the weakest of the ones I can do. But it's the most brummy of the accents. Here's a clip you probably remember from the show. Remember that episode, the one where they watch the champions league final and Tommy's william hill account get's blocked. For John, start with your tommy impression, add more to the crummy accent, but Add a quality that's halfway between a gangster and an impudent child. Nah I aint doing it, I won't eat my damn vegetables. I want Sweets, sweets and a bag of cocaine.
(Alfie Solomons) Alfie, Alfie Solomons, yeah, right. One trick you can use for Alfie is to look forward, talking, while they're there and then at the last moment, look them in the eye. It's a power play right. But the key thing for Alfie, is to add the grunts and noises around it, here are some you might want to add. (Grunt super cut).
(Luca Changretta) Do a Marlon Brando impression.
(Tommy Shelby) I think the Tommy shelby sounds best when it is 30% of the way between a whisper and Here's an exercise I want you to try when doing Tommy Shelby to say the words at almost a whisper, and just say a shadow of the word, yeah, alright, ok, yeah, everybody, agreed, yeah. If you do your normal Tommy Shelby impression, and then every so often go into this whispery mode you'll find it really starts to take shape. (Outside) Also, pin your shoulders back and stick your neck out, that should be the default position for delivering Tommy Shelby impression.

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    • What part though? Brums a big place and the accent varies depending on area even a few miles makes a big difference to local dialect round here, as a Netherton lad I've got a fairly broad black country accent but its noticeably different to say someone from Smethwick, Oldbury, Walsall, Tipton etc.

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