MASTER a Gandalf voice impression in under 6 minutes!

3 jun 2020
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Want to learn how to do the gandalf voice? well this is the impression how to do tutorial for you and other lotr fanatics. Whether you want to be a shakespearean actor, an impressionist or a hobbit wizard, In this video I show you how to do the Gandalf voice impression. Use those eyes!

Rough transcript:
This is Gandalf, ancient wizard and guy of middle earth. You have requested a tutorial on the Gandalf impression, is the impression any good?
Darkness took me, and I strayed out of thought and time, stars wheeled overhead and every day felt like a life age of the earth, that’s roughly how long it took to learn this Gandalf impression
Ian Mckellen is a shakespearean actor, so he has the posh rp english accent. Imagine the two poshest english people you know, add them together, then take 80% off. That's right 120% posh english
He has a deep raspy voice, so you want to produce it from the back of the throat. The resources I use are the scene from Moria, so do all who live to see such times. and farewell my brave hobbits.
When you can do an impression really well, people can tell who it is with just a noise, without saying anything, check out ross marquand's micro impressions for a good example of this, here's some noises you should practice and add to your repertoire for gandalf. 'Suprised - This tea is too hot, Suspicious grumble - mmmm, Pippin's done something wrong, huh!,
Once you go past the 'quotes stage of the impression' you will have a bank of quotes that you should know inside out, what I do is steal the rhythm and tone of these quotes and apply them to a new phrase, for example If i take the phrase that i always use for jesse pink man in breaking bad: 'Yo Mr White, like seriously, what's you problem man are you for real and that is an encouraging thought'. Note how I can steal the body language, and the rhythm of this quote 'Yo Mr White, like seriously, what's you problem man are you for real and that is an encouraging thought'.This means if you build up a bank of quotes and mentally separate them into modes. gandalf: softly spoken. disgruntled, annoyed. How well you are able to do this does depend on how well you've done your prepwork, how much you have watched and listened to the character.
(Clip from reservoir) My automatic trigger for Gandalf is to stoop my shoulders, and pull my face into position using these muscles around my eyes.If you study Ian Mcekellen's portrayal of Gandalf I always notice how these muscles contract. So much of his expression comes from the muscles around the eyes. They have a big impact on the voice. So I use the eyes as a physical trigger. It helps pull your instrument into place the mouth into shape. If you watch my impression videos, you will notice my most accurate vocal portrayal of gandalf during those softly spoken closeup monologues. Because I can cover all the physical triggers ian mckellen performs. When Ian required to be more conversational or even shouting. I don't get to use these observations so the impression suffers a bit.
Finally I will give you a learning frame to repeat alongside as you start or try to improve your gandalf impression:
Farewell, my brave hobbits, my work is now finished, here at last, on the shores of the sea, comes the end of our fellowship, I will not say do not weep, for not all tears are an evil...

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